What Does Transition Mean? Why U Doing This?

“Gender transition” refers to the process of changing one’s physical presentation from the gender that was placed on them to the gender that they identify as. This can involve medical interventions, but doesn’t have to. I would also add a more fundamental concept of “transition”. That is the transition from *interacting with others* and them *interacting with you* culturally consistent with your gender identity. When this happened in my life with my friends, I never felt better and my clothes, makeup, hair, medical interventions, and anything else didn’t matter. Having said that, I have really enjoyed changing – transitioning – my presentation and hormone profile :).

Why am I doing this? The simple answer is, because I want to. It’s how I enjoy being. It’s how I enjoy interacting with people. The societal costs at this point in our civilization are worth it to no longer have to play a role that doesn’t fit me and that I simply don’t connect with.

When we are born, we are handed a script. In my case, I was told to play the part of a boy. Then throughout my life, I acted out my role, I followed the script. And every person in my life was a director of the play. Family, friends, colleagues, etc. If I deviated from the gender script, a director would yell out, “Cut!” and I would have to act out the scene again without deviation from “boy”. Well now I have ripped up that script and I am the author of my own play, my own life. I would also point out that I will not accept a “transgender script”, or any other. I will live my life the way I choose with my guiding principles to be kind and not cause harm to others.

Thank you for indulging me by listening to my personal take on transitioning :).