You Sure Take a Lot of Selfies

As time goes on, you will notice a lot of selfies and other pictures of me. For much of my life, I didn’t like seeing pictures of myself, or even looking in the mirror. What I would see when I looked at photos of myself were physical features that condemned me to being identified male by friends, family, colleagues, and society. I didn’t want to see it. Since I’ve embraced my female identity, and have begun to express myself that way, I am seeing myself for the first time in a way that makes me happy. The only medical intervention that I have undergone as of July 2023 is to begin HRT (December 2022). That has had only subtle effects, but it has made me feel fantastic and I know that I am on the right path. This has given me a lot of confidence and has made me more comfortable in my own skin. In addition, the freedom that I have now to wear makeup, the clothing that I want, and since I have discovered the beauty and wonder of human hair wigs and systems (thank you , testosterone :), I am enjoying being me for the first time in a long, long time.

More important than my newfound sense of vanity, I also have as a social media goal to be a source of information and, hopefully, inspiration. In many ways, and especially on the transition path that I am on, it would be difficult to achieve this goal without sharing a significant amount of visual documentation. I want you to be able to follow my journey and hopefully take something from it that is helpful to you.

And I also hope that we have some fun along the way <3